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About the Scorch Sisters

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The Scorch Sisters consist of five formidable women who have been friends and bandmates for many years in different situations, and have finally decided to strike out on their own together with their unique blend of fierce, soulful vocals and seasoned, blazing instrumental prowess.

Francesca Capasso (lead and background vocals, percussion,), Alicia Morgan (lead and background vocals, keyboards) and Kimberly Allison (guitar), Elizabeth Hangan (bass and vocals), and Trish Lash (drums and vocals) are each at the top of their game professionally, and because they are such fans of each other's talents, as well as close friends through many years of ups and downs, in 2011 they decided to join forces as the Scorch Sisters - a combination of world-class talents rarely found in the blues world in one band.

They say it's a man's world, but the Sisters beg to differ. They bring a woman's strength, determination, heart and soul to the blues, and they share their passion, heartbreak, joy, and raw, down-home realness with their audience every time they hit the stage. Each one of these women is a headliner in her own right, but when they come together as the Scorch Sisters, there is a synergy that defies comparison, and defines them as a true musical force to be reckoned with.  

The Scorch Sisters are ready to bring the heat, and they have talent, energy and soul to burn!




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